3 Essential ingredients for creating Strong Website Branding

Creating a strong branding for your website is very critical, given the cutthroat competition on the Web. You can bet that there are a good percentage of those offering the same quality products or services that you do. To make sure that your website will stand out from the rest and attract attention, you need to apply some branding strategies to your website.

Html or Database Driven CMS Website?

Should you go for a HTML website or a database driven CMS website? Let's look at some factors that can help you determine which option will be the ideal solution for your project.

Improve your Website's visibility in Google

Have you considered the possibility that people might be using google to search some service or product that you happen to provide? Will your website show up in the first 2 or 3 pages of google? How can you get potential new business, customers or clients if people can't find you?

Goodbye to Flash sites

There was an era when flash sites were impressive, exciting and were in demand for their sleek animated effects. But sadly, for flash, that era has ended. And its time for many of us to move on.

Your Website is your Digital Attire

In the internet world, your website is your digital attire. It can either add to your personality and enhance your brand value or degrade it. Whether the attire is good or bad is purely determined by the design quality of your website. A poor design can result in a potential loss.

Why invest in a killer Business Card?

Investing in a memorable, on - brand business card is absolutely imperative. Your business card is often the first impression and the lasting impression that is filed for potential future contact or connections. Never underestimate the impact it can create.

Professional Photos for Strong Visual Branding

Getting the right visuals can make your brand communication very powerful and compelling. It can affect the mood of the customer, hold their attention and make your product or service appealing, impacting and distinguishable from your competitor's product.